our packaged solutions


Church. in a Box® Solutions has two sets of proven system solutions:

Full Systems & AV Systems

There are 4 package options in each of these categories.

Our full systems include everything you need for your church plant, including: the main worship space, kids ministry, welcome area, signs, and trailer.

The full system packages range from $26k to $90k.

Our AV systems cover all tech gear needed for your worship space and offer different levels depending on your church plant size and budget, starting with a microsite or urban church and increasing for up to 250 attendees. 

The AV system packages range from $9k to $26k.

Interested in a custom option?

Choose one of our consultation options described on our full systems page.

Call us with any questions: 877.846.2269

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let's discuss your plans and find out what is right for you!
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