full system packages


We are driven to give the best design option to suit your budget.

These systems have been finely engineered around value and your volunteers. All options are delivered to you pre-wired, pre-tested and guaranteed to work. We take care of all the design, purchasing, and assembly details in house so you and your team can always be investing in your community!

 everything you need

audio  //  video  //  lighting  //  coffee supplies  //  signs  

//  kids toys  //  trailer  //  road cases  // mics  //  cables   //  and more!

You have 2 ways to ensure you get the right system:
Choose a proven package or schedule a consultation for a custom design.
proven packages

These are tried and PROVEN designs used across the country. Because all the work has already been done, we are able to pass all the savings back to you!

See our 4 full system designed packages listed below.

virtual consultation

Through a Zoom video conference call, one of our expert Designers are matched with your project and needs.

1 day on-site consultation

Your Design Consultant will come to your location to meet with your team, assess your venue, and take measurements for your design. They will return to CBS to create your design and present it to your team through a virtual presentation video conference call. A quick 1 day in and out saves you in some travel costs.

2 day on-site consultation

Much like a 1 Day On-Site Consult, your Design Consultant will come to your location. The first day will be spent meeting your team, assessing your facility, then creating your design. On day 2, your Designer will present a preliminary design to your team in person and cover remaining questions your team may have. The best for receiving your design quickly and when you want in an person presentation!

// orange package

system designed to support a group of 100 - 150 adults and 20 - 30 kids.

full package for <$26k

// blue package

system designed to support a group of 150 - 250 adults and 30 - 50 kids.

full package for <$43k

// green package

system designed to support a group of 250 - 350 adults and 50 - 75 kids.

full package for <$62k

// gold package

system designed to support a group of 350 - 450 adults and 75 - 125 kids.

full package for <$90k

let's discuss your plans and find out what is right for you!
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